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...Is there anything more seductive than purity?...
*Elinor katharine Calitas
*19 y/o

easily influence by kindness
creative, happy
lucky, thankful
having lots of ideas...
good imagination
calm and cool
knows what I want
fashion freak, beach lover
loves music, loves ART
loves freedom...
rebellious when restricted.
I LoVe ME coz
...no one else can be me...

May 4, 2007
May 6, 2007
May 10, 2007
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c'est l'été !!! oh I love summer *-*

At 7:55 AM on 6.5.07

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It's summer!! and let's get lost! *hah! Was able to went outside the city and enjoyed the beach in Isla Reta located somewhere in Samal Island. I went with my best friend...just the two of us.. you may think it was boring for were just two..but it was cool you know..we took pictures, we met a lot of people there from any places. It was so great specially the view!! oh! sooo wonderful!! the water is so cold and clear like a crystal..with white sands. Anyway, the reason why we went there is to have some time to relax and be near to nature. ^_~ serene and beautiful.

Kinda far though, the transportation to Isla Reta from Davao is by boat. 1 hour boat trip. Wonderful views, cool*cold water, food? it's good but it's limited and expensive, good thing we had some food like chips and beer *hehe. We had fun meeting new people..hhmmm..I remember the guy I've met there (good looking), I never thought he's from Kuwait till he said it, he's an Egyptian actually, our little conversation was quite great cause we both use Arabic language ^_~ (good thing I know how to speak such) and after that, oh that's the end. *hah :p

I was kinda excited to go back to Davao City :) I missed my home... :) and I don't wanna get caught by my mom..I went outside without her permission. ;)


nakakita na diod diay ka ug white nga bikini. nyahahaha. :P

im trying to... imagine you talking in arabic,.. tsar. :)
Keep up the good work.
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